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Most Of The Recruitment Agencies Out There Have NO CLUE About IT & Tech Roles

But we are different! Thanks to our extensive experience in IT and focus on IT roles, we can thoroughly screen and vet IT candidates.

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We've already screened hundreds of IT professionals and identified best ones. Watch this video to learn how you can take advantage of our rigorous screening and get IT professionals seamlessly:

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Watch this video to learn where do most of our recently placed (hired) candidates come from:

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Hi, I'm Michal Juhas

My team and I interview IT professionals from Europe for US startups and European scaleups.
We thoroughly screen and vet candidates, and even get them to complete technical assignments.
If you decide to work with us, you'll receive comprehensive candidate reports on top of their CVs. Click the thumbnails below to see an example of recent candidates:
Sounds good? Review the recent candidates:

Our IT Recruitment Team

We are keen to start working on your IT job requirements. Just reach out and tell us who exactly do you need to join your IT team.

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