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Land $120k to $350k+ roles.

Join Tech professionals who worked with Global Talents Hub to build an elite network, leapfrog ahead of their careers, and maximize their earning potential.

We'll Help You With Your Next Career Move

Make more money, have more freedom, and level up in your field.


Get a Great High-Level Job Offer

Get your next Dream Job. Level up in your field and get a job you'd be proud of!


Start Consulting And Earning On The Side

Become a fractional CTO or a technical consultant, work for selected clients on the side, and consult for growing companies.


Get an Advisory Board Member's Seat

Become an advisor for high-tech companies and scale-ups that are looking for board members and advisors.

How Can We Help?

We will guide you step-by-step: Build your personal brand, boost your credibility, and get new job opportunities.


1. Build Your Personal Brand

You will articulate your elevator pitch so you can introduce yourself effectively during the next meeting which means others will remember what you work on.

You will re-create an impressive LinkedIn profile and resume that emphasizes your expertise which attracts more hiring managers and headhunters.


2. Boost Your Credibility

We help you position yourself as an expert in your industry so that hiring managers perceive you with additional credibility.

Our team produces content by interviewing you over a Zoom call.

We then draft blog posts to be published on LinkedIn Pulse and create videos to showcase your expertise.


3. Get Introduced To Hiring Managers Or Decision Makers

You will build a base of hiring managers and decision-makers who know what you are an expert in.

My team and I build the network for you and introduce you via email to relevant managers and headhunters.

Our Methodology

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