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Do You Need Any Of These IT Professionals To Join Your Team ASAP?

  • C# .NET Developer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Fullstack Java Engineer
  • Frontend React Developer
  • PHP Full Stack Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • BigData Cloud Engineer
  • Python Engineer
  • QA Test Automation Engineer
  • Manual Tester
  • Java Software Architect
  • CyberSecurity Specialist
  • Head of Engineering
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • DevOps / SRE Engineer
  • React Native Mobile Developer
  • Product UX/UI Designer
  • Backend GoLang Engineer
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • IT Product Manager
  • Video Encoding Software Specialist
  • C++ Unreal Game Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Solution Architect MS Dynamics
  • Data Science Team Lead

Our Recruitment Services Will Be A Great Fit Especially If...

1. You'd Like To Only Review Pre-Qualified & Vetted IT Candidates

Are you tired of reviewing unqualified CVs?!
Our team pre-screens candidates technically to make sure they are a good fit to who you are looking for.
We do NOT send you random CVs hoping some of them sticks. We have quality assurance process in place to make sure you only get the most relevant IT candidates.
This saves you lots of time and hassle.
Detailed candidate report that goes with CV.

2. You'd Like To Only Interview Candidates Who Complete a Coding Test

Stop wasting time with those who cannot code!
We can run candidates through technical assessments to make sure only the best ones are interviewed by your team.
This is especially good for junior candidates or B2B contractors who should start ASAP and you cannot afford to waste time.

3. You'd Like The Interviews To Be Scheduled For You Seamlessly

Scheduling appointments is no fun!
And that's why our recruitment team includes coordinators who focus on scheduling interviews with candidates... so that you don't have to!
After we submit a candidate, just approve him/her for an interview and we'll take care of the rest: will check availability with the candidate, confirm with your calendar, and book a video call for you.
This way it's super-easy for you with no back-and-forth!

4. You'd Like To Avoid Lengthy Email Threads

We don't like email threads with several recipients either!
That's why we will communicate with you on Slack or MS Teams so we can quickly get feedback about candidates and agree on the next steps.
You'll don't have to search for emails anymore – just open our shared Slack channel and communicate directly with our recruitment team.

5. You'd Like To Receive Qualified Candidates In a Matter of Days Since You Clarify The Job Requirements

Speed matters!
That's why we organize a Zoom call with our recruitment consultants every Monday and Thursday to align on sourcing priorities and strategies on how to find the best candidates.
We interpret your job requirement to our network of 50+ recruitment associates and screen candidates they find.

6. You'd Like To work with a team that has no motivation to overprice your candidates

Recruiters should be on your side!
Our recruitment specialists have fixed bonuses for each placed candidate which means they will NOT prefer candidates with higher salaries.
This is important especially if you are not sure what's the current market rate (it keeps changing!) and your CFO is cautious about your budget.

7. You'd Need assistance In expanding your IT team internationally

We don't like email threads with several recipients either!
Have you already scouted your local market or are the local salaries too high for your CFO to approve?
Our recruitment agency specializes in international IT recruitment so we can:
1) get qualified candidates for lower rates to work for you remotely
2) or to get senior specialists to relocate to your destination to work on-site.

Now You Can Easily Get Qualified IT Professionals To Work With Your Team

100% Remotely

If you are like most of our clients who need IT professionals ASAP, you'll engage them full-time remotely.
This is great if you already have an existing team and would like to extend it quickly – while saving money.

On-site With HO*

If you develop AR/VR like one of our clients and need colleagues to come to the office to work with the hardware, we can search people in a specific destination.
* Home Office (HO) is a must in IT these days.


If you are looking for specific IT talents and you struggle to find them locally, we can arrange relocation.
We've arranged relocations of senior positions such as a CTO or Head of Engineering.

Our Services

Choose one of these two business models based on your needs:

Success-Fee Recruitment

Get an IT professional to join your team full-time long-term.
 We recruit and headhunt IT experts in Central or Eastern Europe, especially fullstack web developers, data engineers, analysts & architects to work full-time remotely or relocate to your head quarters.
 You pay us a one-time success fee for each hired candidate. This service is also known as "contingency recruitment."

IT Out-staffing

Get an IT professional to work for you on a 6 to 12 month contract.
 We can get for you an individual IT specialist or a whole software development team of 5-7 people.
These professionals work with you directly full-time but are not employed by your company.
 You pay us a set hourly / monthly rate based on the seniority and skills.

Get Access To Our Pre-Qualified Talent Pools

We've already screened hundreds of IT professionals and identified best ones. Watch this video to learn how you can take advantage of our rigorous screening and get IT professionals seamlessly:

Recently Interviewed IT Candidates

These candidates were thoroughly screened and submitted to our clients for interviews.

Would you like to see any of them?


Top THREE European Countries

Watch this video to learn where do most of our recently placed (hired) candidates come from:

Screened & Vetted

We rigorously screen and assess candidates, and even get them to complete technical assignments.

If you decide to work with us, you'll receive comprehensive candidate reports on top of their CVs. Click the thumbnails below to see an example of recent candidates:

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Our IT Recruitment Team

Our tech recruitment agency works with international startups, scale-ups, and corporations. We can arrange contingent recruitment, embedded recruitment services, or IT out-staffing.

We are hiring and onboarding IT recruitment specialists - if you are interested in joining us, click here...

Tech Recruitment Leaders

Over The Last Few Years, We've Worked With, Consulted, And Trained Thousands Of IT Recruitment Specialists Around The Globe.

Michal Juhas, CEO of the Global Talents Hub

Michal has been recruiting IT professionals for over nine years in Europe, Asia, and the US.
He has co-founded companies in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia. The biggest one, a fast-growing travel-tech startup, where he served as a CTO and tech lead, has reached $70m in annual gross booking volume. 
Today, Michal and his team specialize in international tech recruitment at the Global Talents Hub.

Global Talents Hub

Our clients include San Francisco-based startups, international corporations, as well as European scale-ups.
We believe IT recruiters need to continuously learn about IT in order to be successful in their jobs and that's why we've trained over 30,000 IT & HR professionals – some of them are from the largest staffing organizations like Manpower, Experis, and Accenture.
But if you think it's just about recruitment services, you're missing the point. What we are really about is helping impactful businesses establish high-performing software teams so they can make the world a better place.
That's why we're building the Global Talents Hub where IT professionals get inspired to work on meaningful projects and get connected directly with hiring managers who work on the most interesting global challenges.
Our goal is really simple; to help CTOs get the right IT professionals on board so they can focus on global challenges such as climate change, education, wealth inequality, or poverty.

Case Studies

Telco Corporation


Head of Software Engineering

A client from the Caribbean was looking for a new Head of Engineering but couldn't find a suitable candidate on St. Lucia island in the Caribbean.
They commissioned us to find a candidate strong in Java development—a tech lead—who would relocate from Europe.
Within a month, we sourced several great candidates, seven got interviewed with the management and one of them was hired within the next few weeks.

Video US-based Startup


Video Encoding Specialist

A CTO from San Francisco was looking for video encoding specialists and QA engineers to join the team full-time remotely from Europe.
We sourced the video encoding specialists on GitHub using keywords such as ffmpeg or HCL and found profiles of senior software engineers who specialized in this niche.
In addition, we sourced QA engineers in Balkan and found the best fit in Romania. He sailed through interviews and joined the team remotely as well.

HealthTech Startup


Frontend Engineer

A CTO from a UK-based company wanted to extend their team with a senior frontend specialist but couldn't afford the salaries in London where they were based.
We consulted him on how to hire remote specialists and make sure they effectively plug in to the existing team and workflow.
Within a few weeks, we found several TOP React.js engineers in Central Europe with 7+ years of experience who were keen to join the team remotely full-time for a lower rate than average mid-level developers in London.

PropTech ScaleUp


Backend & Frontend Engineers

A client developing a software product for their customers wanted to increase their Product team with several IT professionals: Backend Python, Frontend React, and UX/UI.
We found several great mid-level Python engineers, frontend developers, and Product designers.
Over the course of 6 months, we helped them fill most of the IT vacancies and enabled them to deliver software features faster.

USA EdTech Platform


Russian-speaking Full Stack PHP Engineers

A client from Boston experienced difficulties with existing software development team based in Ukraine when the war started.
They needed several Russian or Ukrainian speaking full stack PHP & Vue.js engineers to join the team ASAP to help the Ukrainian team.
Shortly, we supplied a dozen mid-level and senior candidates from Poland, Italy, and Germany. They swiftly interviewed and hired three of them (one senior, two mediors) only about a month since we started cooperating.

HealthTech UK Startup


React Native Mobile App Developer

A CTO from London approached us because one of their developers left the team and they needed someone to step in quickly to continue developing their mobile application.
The budget was limited so we started sourcing candidates in the Balkan countries.
We found a great hybrid mobile engineer in North Macedonia. She was very excited about the industry (HealthTech) and a great culture fit as well. Within 10 days she got a job offer and started working 100% remotely.

TravelTech ScaleUp


Cyber Security Specialist

A CTO from the fastest growing startup in the Central Europe approached us to find a cyber security specialist to join their team based in the Czech Republic.
We sourced PhD students and found one located in Prague. The team has extended a job offer shortly after their first interview thanks to a great fit... although they had to wait several months for her to finish the PhD studies.

AR/VR Startup


C# Engineer w/ 3D Graphics

A client from the Czech Republic approached us to find C# engineers with 3D graphics experience.
We sourced candidates locally in Prague as the team required the new joiners to come to the office a few times per week.
A great C# engineer sailed through interviews and joined the company not long after we initiated the search.

FinTech Corporation


Chief Technology Officer w/ Digital Media

A client from Dubai approached us to find candidates who could lead their engineering team and help them enter the Digital Media space.
We had to find candidates who have worked in the digital media space, user-generated content, video or music streaming and would be able to lead a team of 50 engineers.
We headhunted candidates from TOP companies and eventually relocated one from Russia to Dubai.

Industry 4.0 AI Startup


Frontend Team

A co-founder of a recently funded startup approached us to establish a new in-house Frontend team that could develop their data visualization application.
We sourced Senior and Medior candidates who had experience with data visualization (charts, plots, animations) and within only two months the team was up and running.

FinTech Startup


Backend Architects & QA Testers

One of the fastest-growing startups in UAE region commissioned us to help them scale the team quickly.
We worked on positions such as a Senior DevOps Engineer, Backend Software Architect, QA Test Automation Engineer and got impressive candidates for interviews.
While most of the candidates were already in Dubai, the best QA Engineer candidate relocated from India to Dubai.

Government Agency Project


C# Engineer – Contract

An engineering team working on a government project was urgently looking for a C# backend engineer to help them take over responsibilities from a person who decided to leave.
We put this search on high priority, found a suitable candidate to work remotely from Hungary, and within 2 weeks the candidate was being onboarded by the development team in Vienna, Austria.

Travel Startup


FinTech Product Manager

A VP of Engineering approached us to help them find a Product Manager / Product Owner who would have experience with FinTech products, online payment solutions, or payment integrations.
We started looking for people who already were in—or wanted to relocate to—the Czech Republic and had extensive background with online payments.
After a series of interviews with the management team, they decided to extend two job offers. At the end, one of the candidates has accepted and joined the team in Prague.

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