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"Three Reasons Why Hiring IT Candidates Is So Hard"

Ex-CTO of a fast-growing startup, Michal Juhas, explains how the IT job market changed between 2020-2023 and presents an easier way to hire the best IT candidates.


1. Standard Job Boards Are Flooded With Candidates From India And Pakistan

The rise of the digital age has democratized the job search process. While it's fantastic that we live in a world where talent can be sourced globally, it has also presented challenges for recruiters and hiring managers.

Standard job boards are now flooded with applications from countries with large IT talent pools like India and Pakistan.

While these countries have a plethora of qualified candidates, the sheer volume can make it difficult to sift through and identify the ideal fit for their specific needs.

Furthermore, there might be mismatches in terms of cultural fit, time zones, or other non-technical aspects that can influence the hiring decision.

As a result, you are overwhelmed with the number of resumes, making the screening process tedious and time-consuming. The challenge isn’t just about finding candidates; it's about finding the right candidates amidst a sea of applications.

2. Great European Candidates Have Lots Of Opportunities And Don't Respond To Standard Messages

The European IT market is brimming with opportunities. As tech hubs in cities like Berlin, London, and Stockholm continue to grow, so do the chances for IT professionals in these regions.

Highly skilled European candidates are often in a position where they can pick and choose the roles that appeal to them most. This shift in power dynamics means that traditional outreach strategies, like templated messages, often fall on deaf ears.

To catch the attention of top talent, you need to stand out and speak directly to their aspirations and interests.

A generic message not only goes unnoticed but can even deter potential candidates as it reflects a lack of genuine interest from the recruiter's side.

In a saturated market, recruiters must be strategic and intentional in their outreach efforts to engage and attract the crème de la crème of the tech world.

3. Your Job Offer Is Not Interesting Enough Or Not Presented As Such

In an age where company culture, work-life balance, and opportunities for growth are highly valued, merely offering a competitive salary is no longer enough to lure top IT talent.

Candidates today are looking for roles that align with their personal and professional aspirations.

It's crucial to understand this and pitch roles that highlight not just the job responsibilities but also the bigger picture – how will this role make a difference, and what opportunities for growth does it present?

Furthermore, presentation matters. A great position might go unnoticed if it’s not packaged attractively. Today's IT professionals are often approached with numerous offers, and if yours doesn’t stand out, it might be ignored.

The way an offer is presented, its clarity, and the details provided about company culture, growth trajectory, and other benefits can greatly influence a candidate's decision.

A well-thought-out, comprehensive, and enticing job description can make the difference between attracting a potential future star and them clicking away to explore other opportunities.

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