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Our Mission

We help impactful businesses establish high-performing Tech & Product teams so they can innovate and make the world a better place.

How It Works

  1. Tell Us Whom You’d Like To Hire. We start headhunting IT specialists who meet the requirements and are open to changing their jobs.
  2. We Promote Your Vacancies To Qualified Prospects In a Compelling Way. They get excited about your company, team, product, or project.
  3. Receive Vetted Candidates With Detailed Candidate Reports and Screening Notes. Quickly spot great candidates and book interviews.
  4. We Schedule Interviews For You And Follow-up With Candidates Relentlessly. Do not waste your time anymore with admin stuff and scheduling meetings.

Why Work With Us?

  • Private talent pools with 30,000+ pre-screened IT candidates.
  • Certified technical recruiters screen candidates.
  • Receive detailed candidate reports so you can quickly give go/nogo.

Commercial Terms

  1. Permanent Employees: Pay us a one-time success fee for a hired candidate.
  2. Contractors: Pay us a monthly fee based on the number of man-days the IT specialist works for you.

Who We Are

Global Talents Hub is an international Tech talent platform with dozens of qualified tech recruitment specialists spread around the globe. They scout local markets and submit qualified candidates for your IT vacancies within less than three business days.

Key Stats

  • Active in 12 European countries.
  • 50+ specialized technical recruiters.
  • 30,000+ prospective candidates.

Do You Need To Hire IT Specialists?

Then submit your JDs on our website and our recruiters will get to work! You will only pay us when we deliver great candidates.