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Tech Talent For #Gaming

Use the GTH talent platform to find and hire Tech professionals with the right technical and soft skills to support your game development.

Are You Looking For Any Of These Tech Professionals?

If you've been trying hard already and don't want to waste time anymore, we can help you find the right candidates in the US, UK, and Europe to work on-site or remotely.

Game Developer

Find Game Developers who will be responsible for designing and creating your video games. They will work on various aspects of game development including programming, graphic design, and sound design.

 # of ppl in Europe: 3,700+ USA: 3,300+

3D Artist

Your 3D Artist will be responsible for creating three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects to be used in games. They will work with Game Developers to bring the game's visual elements to life.

 # of ppl in Europe: 5,600+ USA: 4,300+

Game Designer

Find the right Game Designers who will plan what your new game will be like. They will create the rules and structure of your game, define the gameplay mechanics, and work on narrative and character development.

 # of ppl in Europe: 2,900+ USA: 3,400+

Game Tester

Game Testers, also known as Quality Assurance Testers, will play a crucial role in your game development. They are responsible for testing games extensively to find and document any bugs or issues before your game is released

 # of ppl in Europe: 2,600+ USA: 1,900+

Sound Designer

Use our talent platform to find a Sound Designer who will be responsible for creating your game's audio content, sound effects, voice acting, and music. They will work closely with the rest of the development team to ensure the audio matches the gameplay and visual elements.

 # of ppl in Europe: 4,100+ USA: 3,600+

UX/UI Designer

 User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Designers in Gaming are responsible for creating a seamless, intuitive, and engaging user experience. This can involve designing your game's menus, interfaces, and interactive components.

 # of ppl in Europe: 11,000+ USA: 12,000+

AI Engineer

Find an AI Engineer who will work on creating intelligent behaviors and procedural content for your game. This can range from enemy character behavior to complex strategies in multiplayer games, to the procedural generation of environments.

 # of ppl in Europe: 900+ USA: 3,100+

Backend Developer

Find software engineers who use Java, PHP, JavaScript, or TypeScript to build your game's backend systems. They will create APIs that will support thousands of concurrent players and will work with cloud databases to store and secure gamers' data..

 # of ppl in Europe: 21,000+ USA: 9,400+

BigData Engineer

Find and hire Data Engineers who will find creative solutions to challenging problems. The specialist can be part of your machine learning or Business Intelligence team and will work on delivering optimized data pipelines and automated reports for your management team.

 # of ppl in Europe: 670+ USA: 310+

Full-Stack Engineer

Find senior full-stack engineers who will support your Product and Delivery teams in building highly scalable solutions in line with the performance, security & regulatory requirements while providing a solid bridge for your engineering teams.

 # of ppl in Europe: 43,000+ USA: 57,000+

Cloud Engineer

Find Cloud Infrastructure Engineers who have an intimate understanding of the deployment and configuration of infrastructures in the Cloud: AWS, GCP, or Azure. They will help you provision your Infrastructure and support game development.

 # of ppl in Europe: 7,300+ USA: 13,000+

Product Owner

Find the right Scrum Product Owner to drive your Agile development, provide vision and direction to the team throughout the game development process, and create requirements in the form of epics and stories based on your game users' feedback.

 # of ppl in Europe: 14,000+ USA: 29,000+

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